What Are the Different Types of Energy Efficient Window Film for My Austin Home?

What Are the Different Types of Energy Efficient Window Film for My Austin Home?

Today, energy costs are higher than they have been in years. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, last year U.S. residential energy prices hit their highest point since 2008. Since homeowners have no control over these prices, the only way they can minimize their expenses is by improving their property’s energy efficiency. By installing energy efficient window film for your Austin home, you can reduce your monthly energy consumption and limit the impact that rising energy costs have on your household.

Below, we’ve discussed some of the various types of window film you can use to conserve energy.


What’s Causing High Energy Costs in the U.S.?

There are a number of factors which contributed to the high energy costs we saw last year and are continuing to see in 2022. These include:

  • Increased costs for natural gas, which led to high electricity costs
  • Unusually cold weather which restricted the flow of natural gas and froze wind turbines that produce electricity
  • Retail prices have been adjusted for inflation


The EIA predicts that prices will continue to increase in 2022, reaching costs of 14.26 cents/kWh.


How to Curb Your Energy Consumption

As a homeowner, these rising energy costs may leave you feeling powerless. But matters aren’t completely out of your hands. You may not be able to control the cost of electricity. But you can limit how much energy your home consumes by improving its energy efficiency.

One great way to do that is by installing energy efficient window film for your Austin home.


Types of Energy Efficient Window Film for Your Home

There are many different types of window film that homeowners can use to save energy. These include:

  • Spectrally selective: These window films are great for blocking heat during the summer.
  • Low-e: Low-e window films are a four-season option that will also help you save money during the winter.
  • Nanoceramic: Nanoceramic window films use tiny pieces of ceramic to reflect heat without altering window clarity.
  • Reflective: Reflective window films are a great dual-acting option for homeowners who also need privacy for their interior.


Let Us Help You Find the Right One

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