Take Your Home to the Next Level of Green with Window Film

If, like many Coloradoans, you are very concerned about lowering your carbon footprint and creating the most energy efficient homes possible, we’ve got a suggestion – window film.

Sure, loads of us would love to go solar, but simply cannot afford the cost of the panels or the installation. If you’re on the lookout for a product that will give you incredible energy savings on heating and cooling costs, and will pay for itself within a few years, window film is the ticket.

Why haven’t you heard of residential window film before?

It’s easy to see why window film has not yet caught on fire here, because people think it’s some form of window tinting. Living here, exposed to the bright Colorado sun at high elevations, you probably have tinted windows on your vehicles. The name of our company, Scottish Window Tinting, implies that we offer the same kind of thing that you have on your car windows for your home windows, but that is not the case at all.

Car tinting does a lot of things you probably don’t want in your home. For starters, it darkens the windows. Fine on the highway, not so appealing in the bedroom or living room. Next, it’s been known to scratch, peel and bubble as time goes by. Also unsightly and unappealing in your home.

But the window film we use does none of those things. It’s designed for home use, with the aesthetics, needs and sensibilities of discerning homeowners in mind. Once the window film is applied, you will not even be able to see it’s on your windows. It is clear, so it won’t darken your pretty view. And it won’t scratch or bubble because it’s not just a thin, dark layer attached by adhesive which can dry out or peel off;it’s actually fused to the glass.

How does window film work?

In the summer, it absorbs the heat from the outdoors, not allowing it to enter and heat up your home. But in the winter, it acts as a barrier that doesn’t allow your heat to escape through the glass. The savings this gives on your heating and cooling bills is pretty substantial.

Perhaps you’ve noticed how your rugs or furniture fade over time as a result of the UV rays entering your home? Or how the finish on your wooden floors and the floors themselves are compromised? Or have you ever wondered just where you could hang your favorite artwork, so that the sun would not deteriorate it?

Fading is a thing of the past, as today’s modern window film blocks almost 100% of the sun’s UV rays, keeping your furnishings looking great. Think of it as a high SPF sunblock that never needs to be reapplied! Of course, your skin is also at risk of damage or premature aging from exposure to Colorado’s intense UV rays. You might be interested to hear that the primary window film we use residentially, Vista, is even approved by the Skin Cancer Foundation.

And it’s cost effective as well. If its cost savings you’re after, did you know that installing window film in your home or commercial building will set you back only about one tenth the cost of replacement windows?

Intrigued? For more information, contact Scottish Window Tinting today.