Save Energy with Office Window Film

We often talk about the benefits of installing window film in homes, but office window film offers the same benefits on a larger scale for your business.  At Scottish Window Tinting, we do not use film that is applied with adhesive that can cause bubbling and peeling over time.  Instead, we use high end films that actually bond with your glass to ensure an effective product as long as you have your windows.

Window film is a great investment for any office building, and it can actually help to increase the productivity of your employees.   Studies have shown that those working in offices perform better when they can look out windows.  However, because of the glare that can reflect on computers and other devices, many office buildings have closed blinds most of the time.  However, window film can actually reduce the amount of glare from sunlight through windows, allowing you to keep those curtains open.

Benefits of Office Window Film

One of the biggest reasons that business owners choose to invest in window film is the energy savings it provides.  With an up to 60 percent savings on your energy bills, you’ll be able to afford to keep your building at more comfortable temperatures year-round.  With window tinting, it will take significantly less energy to heat and cool your facility.

When it takes less energy to keep your office comfortable, your heating and cooling unites will be working less as well.  This means you will also see savings in maintenance and replacement costs over time.  With these benefits alone, your window film installation can pay for itself in as little as 2 to 5 years, and continue saving you money for years after.

As mentioned earlier, choosing slightly shaded window tinting can greatly reduce the glare you see on devices used within your building.  Shaded film can also make it difficult to see into your windows from the outside, providing added privacy.  Or, if privacy is a big concern for your office, consider window film that is actually made for privacy, with dark or mirrored options.

Office Window Film with Scottish

Scottish Window Tinting holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, so you can feel comfortable putting this investment for your business in our hands.  If you have any questions about how window film can benefit your office building, feel free to call or email us today.  We can set up an estimate with one of our experts, and get you started on installing a window treatment that can save your business hundreds.