Hospital administrators know that making patients feel comfortable is key to providing quality medical services. Our hospital window films can help.

Keep your energy costs down

Keep your energy costs down

As a hospital administrator, you know there is not much you can do about the rising hospital overhead. Staff needs to be paid, equipment needs to be purchased, facilities need to be maintained. A large part of energy overhead goes to keeping the hospital facilities at the right temperature. Patients and staff alike need to be kept appropriately warm in winter and appropriately cool in summer. With the installation of hospital window film, those heating and cooling costs can be lowered in a significant way.

Energy efficiency hospital window film is an investment that will pay for itself in a few short years via the energy bill savings the hospital will receive. After that, this passive yet high-performance product will keep saving the hospital money and lowering its carbon footprint at the same window film colorado

So what exactly is energy efficiency hospital window film?

This product is installed to the interior of each window. It blocks heat transfer in a couple of different ways. When that hot summer sun is beating in the windows, the tendency is to draw the curtains or blinds, but as we all know, natural sunlight has a healing effect. But with hospital window film applied, the curtains can stay open all day. Heat gain from the sun is blocked by the film, leaving the room cooler without as much air conditioning. And glare is blocked as well, allowing patients and staff to watch their respective TVs and computer monitors without eye strain.

In winter, when the hospital’s furnace is running continually, this same energy efficiency hospital window film will prevent that heat from transferring right out of the room through the glass window panes. This means more heat inside, and less work for the heating system to keep the hospital at the desired temperature. Clients report significant savings on energy bills in the months where either air conditioning or heating is used. Which, for hospitals, is pretty much every month of the year.

When it comes to one of our energy saving hospital window films, there’s one more benefit we’d like to mention. These films also have a 99 percent UV block. This means those particular harmful rays of the sun, the rays that cause furnishings and artwork to fade, are blocked as well.

So the three benefits of energy efficiency hospital window film are savings in energy bills, less glare, and no UV caused fading of furnishings, artwork, etc.

For more information about hospital window film, or a quote for a window film job large or small, we hope you will contact us at Scottish Window Tinting today. We have a decade of experience with all types of window films and their installations. We’re happy to advise you on the most appropriate product for your needs.