What is the best heat control window film?

What is the best heat control window film?

When it comes to keeping your home cool in the middle of Denver’s incredibly hot summer heat, window film is an incredibly effective way to do so. Window films today are more advanced than ever at rejecting heat and saving Denver homeowners on utility bills. Many, if not most, also provide a host of other benefits. However, there are a lot of films to choose from–each offering something unique. So which window film is the best film for beating the summer heat? Read below to see our picks for 2019 most advanced heat rejecting heat films and why we love them so much.

Professionally Recommended Heat Control Window Films

  1. 3M Prestige Series Window: This amazing window film is a spectrally selective film that rejects up to 97% of the sun’s rays that cause excess heat–infrared. This means that your home stays cooler during these scorching hot Denver days–even enhancing your overall home comfort. But, don’t worry about Prestige Series film making your home in the dark since it allows in an abundant amount of natural light. Also, the low interior and exterior reflectivity mean your views from both inside and out are absolutely beautiful and the aesthetics of your window–flawless.
  2. Vista Harmony Series Window Film: This films offers incredible performance but offers customers an unparalleled look. The Harmony Vista harmony series is specifically designed to both enhance comfort and save homeowners money. It does so by pairing features of low reflectively for an understated look and amazing functionality. A combination of proprietary metals and nano-ceramic technology, Harmony gives homeowners abundant natural light and views with plenty of glare protection and UV blocking as well. We recommend Harmony Series window film for those looking for a soft, subtle appearance with incredible heat control function.
  3. Solar Gard Sentinel Plus: For some of the best heat rejection in the biz–Sentinel Plus is Solar Gard’s very best offering. Consider it your first and best line of defense against solar heat gain on your home windows. It is also tough on glare, meaning you can take back the sunniest rooms of your home, any time of day when you have these films applied. This is because this film rejects up to 82% of solar energy hitting your home’s windows. This saves you money on utilities, keeps your rooms cooler and nearly eliminates hot and cold spots in your home. Plus its powerful UV blocking properties mean your home furnishings stay protected from fading and UV damage.

For more information on these incredible films for heat rejection or any other films for other issues you may have with your Denver home windows, contact us at Scottish Window Tinting today!

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