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Get Your Kansas City Home Ready for Our Hot Summer with Window Film

Get Your Kansas City Home Ready for Our Hot Summer with Window Film

Summer in Kansas City means lots of heat and humidity. And while it may be tempting to retreat indoors and crank up the air conditioning, it’s also important to remember what this could do to your electricity bill. But luckily there’s an easy solution for Kansas City homeowners. Window film can cut your summer energy and make your home more comfortable.

Studies Indicate that Window Film Lowers A/C Costs

Recent studies have indicated that window film has the ability to lower cooling costs for residential units. Over ⅓ of the average home’s energy loss occurs through its windows. Window film has the ability to improve the insulating performance and glass, thereby limiting the amount of heat transfer that occurs. It’s one of the most effective ways to increase the performance of your HVAC system.

Experience Serious Savings this Summer

Summers are hot in Kansas City. But with window film you can beat the heat this summer and lower your cooling costs. It has the ability to:
-Increase window insulation by up to 92%
-Lower cooling costs by up 5-30%
-Reject up to 78% of incoming solar heat
-Save over $3,500 during its lifetime

energy saving window film

Additional Benefits of Having Your Windows Tinted

Not only can window film control your energy costs, but it also offers a variety of additional benefits as well. Residential window film can:
-Reduce the amount of glare in your home
-Provide privacy for you and your family
-Add style and personality to your space
-Make your home more comfortable year round

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