Energy Saving Window Tinting

When you think of window tinting, cars with bubbling film on the windows may come to mind.  Today, however, this process has expanded greatly towards energy saving window film, made for homes and commercial buildings.  If you don’t know a lot about this innovative product, it’s a great time to learn how you can start saving tons on your energy bills today!

Benefits of Energy Saving Window Tinting

While some brands offer window films that are applied with an adhesive, these products will peel and bubble over time.  At Scottish Window Tinting, we offer higher quality products that actually form a permanent bond with your windows to ensure that it will never bubble for the life of your windows, and that your window tinting will continue to save you money for many years to come.  Here are some of the benefits of energy saving window tinting on your home or business:

  • Anti-glare:  We offer a wide range of shades when it comes to this process, and many of them can reduce the glare from the sun that you have in your home.  This means less glare on your cell phones, computers, and TV, making your daily activities more comfortable, and allowing you to still let natural light in even when you’re using one of these devices.
  • UV ray protection:  Untreated glass only blocks about 11 percent of UV rays from passing through into your home.  This causes fading over time on your floors, walls, and even furniture, adding another layer to the maintenance of your home.  Window tinting, however, blocks 99 percent of UV rays from the sun, which means you won’t have to worry about fading throughout your home.
  • Comfortable homes:  Energy saving window tinting works to reflect heat both inside and out.  This means that during the summer months your windows will reflect heat away from your home, and the winter they will reflect it back in.  This means that you’ll be able to more easily keep your home at a comfortable temperature year-round.
  • Energy savings: This is by far the biggest reason that homeowners choose to invest in this process. When you invest in energy saving window tinting, you can save up to 60 percent on your heating and cooling bills.  This means that your purchase will pay for itself in as little as 2 to 5 years, and then continue saving from that point forward.  Since the initial investment is considerably lower than fully replacing windows, this is a fantastic option for many homeowners.

Energy Saving Window Tinting with Scottish

If you would like to learn more about our process, or to set up an in-home consultation with one of our experts, give us a call today.  We believe that every home should have window film installed, and we can’t wait to help you start saving energy today!