Energy Saving Window Film

Window film is becoming an extremely popular investment for homeowners, and for good reason.  While the benefits of window tinting in a home extend far beyond this, energy savings are by far the biggest reason that people choose to install this great product.  We want to let you in on the secret of the serious cash you can save on your heating and cooling bills year round after installing window film to your home.

Summer Energy Savings

Window film is most commonly known for its’ energy savings during the summer months.  It can make your windows up to 90 percent more efficient, and actually work to reflect heat from outside away from your home, instead of letting it seep through your windows.  This means that you’ll have less heat coming into your home from sunlight, but you’ll still be able to utilize the natural light within your home.

This will translate to up 60 percent in energy savings, cutting your bills more than in half.  It will take less energy to actually cool your home since heat can no longer get in, and your home will actually feel even more comfortable without your air conditioning on because of this.

Winter Energy Savings

One of the newer benefits of some window films is that it can also help save energy in the winter.  Originally, window tinting was only effective during warmer temperatures, but thanks to new, low-emissivity technology, window film can work to block heat from leaving your home during the these colder months.

When heat can escape through your window during the winter time, it can be extremely difficult to reach a comfortable temperature in your home.  By adding window film, you’ll not only be able to feel comfortable in your home all year, but you’ll also save on heating costs that can become extremely high during the winter.

Window Film Benefits 

By adding window film to your home, you can lower your energy costs by up to 60 percent, like owner Martin Faith did on his own home.  To see his case study and his actual energy bills, take a look at our page about his window film experience.

Window film is an affordable alternative to complete window replacement for your home.  For the average home, this product only costs about $1,100, making it an affordable investment, and because of the extremely high energy savings, it will actually pay for itself in only 2 to 5 years.  Just imagine if all of your investments paid off that quickly!

While energy savings are the most popular reason people choose window film, the other benefits of this product add up to a great living space addition.  Because it will actually take less energy to heat and cool your home, your heating and cooling units will last longer, saving you money in repair and replacement costs.  Film also will block up to 99 percent of UV rays from entering your home, saving your furniture, walls, and floors from sun damage over time.

The energy benefits, in addition to the many other home benefits of window film make it one of the best investments a homeowner can make today. Contact us to learn more about the many benefits of adding window film to protect your home from Colorado’s harsh seasonal weather year round.