For homes and businesses in the Chicago area energy-efficient window film makes sense for comfort and for money savings.

Energy-Efficient Window Film For Cold Chicago Winters

Energy-Efficient Window Film For Cold Chicago Winters

Chicago is called the windy city for a reason–it is cold and windy here for months at a time.  During these intense cold spells, heating bills rise in businesses and households across the city.  Over time these bills add-up big time.  This is why if you live in the Chicago area, considering energy-efficient window film is a must. These films are an effective solution to energy loss, protection against the elements, and a way to save money each and every month.

The  Benefits of Energy Efficient Window Film

  1. Energy Efficient Window Film Increases to Keep Out The Chill: The biggest advantage of having energy-efficient window film is, of course, saving money.  However, another added benefit is how it makes your home feel.  When you have this extra layer right on the glass of your Chicago home’s windows– you can feel the difference.  No cold air by the windows–because the film acts as an insulator and won’t let the outside chill seep in.
  2. Energy Efficient Keeps Temperatures Even: When your windows are insulated properly not only does the heat stay trapped inside but the chill stays out as well.  This evens out temperatures throughout your entire home.  Meaning no more areas that are unbearably hot and others that are frigid–all in the same room!
  3. Energy-Efficient Window Films Cut Cooling Costs:  One of the benefits of having a window film that works as a layer of insulation is lower bills.  Your costs are lowered because the air you pay to heat in the cold Chicago winters stays trapped inside–where it belongs.  This also means your HVAC systems run less frequently.  In addition to saving on monthly heating bills–you will also save on A/C bills during Chicago’s notoriously muggy summers.
  4. Energy-Efficient Window Films Lower HVAC Repairs: Another money-saving benefit of energy-efficient window film is that it saves you money on costly HVAC repairs.  This is because these films reduce the load on HVAC systems by trapping heated and cooled air inside.  When these systems don’t need to work as hard and/or turn on and off frequently, they break down less often and last longer–saving on costly repair or replacement.

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