Choosing Your Window Tinting Product

Window film is becoming a popular investment for both business and home owners in the Denver area, and for good reason.  This process can save you some serious cash, and with such a low return on investment time, you’ll continue saving on energy costs long after your film has paid for itself.  However, this is only true when using certain window tinting products.

With energy efficiency becoming extremely important in our country, there are tons of film products on the market today.  Choosing the right window film products, as well as the right installers, can be the difference between a great investment, and a sub-par one.

Window Tinting Products

With so many options available today, you may feel overwhelmed when you look into having window film installed on your home or business. At Scottish Window Tinting, we work with only the highest quality brands available to ensure that each project is an excellent investment in energy efficiency.

One of the common options that you may see today is a low priced, adhesive based film product.  While this process has a lower investment cost, adhesive based films can cause problems no so far down the line.  Adhesive films can, and will, bubble and peel away from the windows after prolonged exposure to sun.  This means your film won’t last nearly as long, and it looks terrible as it bubbles.

At Scottish we only use films manufactured by Solutia Window Films, and their method is different.  Every option that Solutia makes will actually form a permanent bond with the glass on your windows, which means it will never peel away or bubble, no matter how long you have it.  Because it will last longer, and stay correctly attached to your windows, you’ll see energy savings for years to come from this investment.

While our window tinting requires a slightly higher initial investment, our film pays for itself in as little as 2 to 5 years, and will continue saving energy for years after.  We offer clear films, slightly shaded options, privacy film, and even decorative film to give you exactly what you need for your home or business space.

Scottish Window Tinting

At Scottish, we’ve worked hard to find the best products and the best installers for window film in the Denver area.  If you’re interested in residential or commercial window tinting to save energy, and protect your space from UV rays, we can help.  Give us a call or send an email to learn more about adding window tinting to your space, and we’ll set you up with an expert to give you an estimate.