Using Lumar Decorative Window Film in Your Office Space

Why Use Decorative Window Film?

Window film is great for insulating your home or business, and saving big on your energy costs. If you’re considering adding window tinting to your business, think about using decorative window film during this process as well.

Lumar Window Film offers the most options for high quality film with effects other than just insulation. This includes protective and security film, which are also an excellent choice for businesses, especially those with retail space. Security film will actually make your windows nearly impossible to break, making the chances of successful break-in significantly lower.

Among the other fantastic products that Lumar offers is its’ decorative film. This opaque window tinting is often used within the interiors of offices and other buildings because it gives you privacy, but still allows you to keep the style of your décor. If you work in an office with glass doors, or even walls, consider adding this film to give those inside a bit more privacy during their day-to-day activities.

If you own a restaurant, decorative window film can be used in your dining areas in a beautiful way as well. Use window film to better partition areas for your customers, and give each client a more private experience. Lumar offers many options for design styles, so you can find something that flows with the look of your facility.

Another great location for decorative window film is in casinos. Use this product on your office doors, to divide areas in your facility, or use it in your restaurant area. By blocking off your office with stylish designs, you won’t have to worry about the look of your casino being compromised; you can find a style that flows with the rest of your area.

Lumar is one of three brands of window film that we offer, all of which use the best technology available, including Enerlogic and Vista. Lumar offers the most options for decorative window film, as well as security and protective options, and these products are built to last, so that your investment will be worth every penny.

Consider some of our other window film options well, like energy saving film, which can lower your energy costs by up to 60 percent. This film actually bonds to your windows, creating a permanent and effective window as a whole that will better insulate your home or business.

To learn more about our decorative window film options, take a look at our window film benefits page. If you would like to learn more about the options that Lumar Window Film offers, feel free to give us a call or take a look at their page on our website today! Window film is useful in more ways than one, so consider adding decorative film in addition to your energy saving purchase with Scottish Window Tinting.