How to use Decorative Window Film

Decorative window film is more common in commercial spaces than residential, and the options are truly endless to add style to your business is a unique way.  Decorative window film is an opaque film that can be applied to glass to create designs for privacy and style, and it is available as a colorless film or in colors to add flare to your design.

Decorative Window Film Options

Decorative window film can create a stylish look to any commercial space.  You can choose colorless film with an opaque finish that creates a beautiful, simple design that will flow with any style of décor.  You can also choose from different shades of frost, or even solid colors that can be combined to create the perfect color that you’ve been looking for.

In terms of design, you have a couple of options.  You can select a premade pattern from our selection, all of which work well in business settings.  The other option is to have a decorative design custom cut to match your exact needs.  The possibilities are truly endless, making this a great addition to any area of your company.

Decorative Window Film Applications

Because of the versatility of this product, you can create something that will look great in your unique space.  Some of the most common applications include hotels, restaurants, retail spaces, offices, and doctor’s offices.  While these areas are often great locations for decorative film, this product looks great in any space, and we can work with you to find the best look.

Using decorative film for privacy is one of the most popular reasons to invest in the product.   It allows you to add privacy to a glass-walled office, or a glass door without detracting from the décor of your space.  If you choose to add this film to exterior windows, it will still let natural light in while keeping peeking eyes out.  Exterior use of decorative film will also provide a higher level of energy efficiency.

Decorative window tinting is also a great addition when style is your main priority.  For example, glass railings can look more sophisticated with a patterned film added onto it, or simply any glass area that is looking a little dull.  Adding a decorative film to these areas can help make your facility look more complete in terms of décor.

Decorative Window Film with Scottish

Scottish Window Film offers the highest quality brands and choices for your decorative film investment.  Our experts can guide you through the process of choosing the best product for your needs, and we work with only the best installers.  Contact us today to set up an estimate with one of our experts for your decorative window film.