Benefits of Decorative Window Tinting

Decorative window tinting may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to updating your business space, but it may be exactly what you need. While this type of window tinting is not typical in homes, it works beautifully in many commercial spaces, and if you’re a business owner in Colorado, it may be time you look into this prospect.

Decorative Window Tinting Applications

All of the products that we use at Scottish Window Tinting are the highest quality, and form bonds with the glass on which it is applied.  This means that you’re window tinting will never peel away or bubble from your windows.  This means your purchase with us will really last.  Here are a couple of our favorite applications of decorative window tinting:

  • Hotels and Casinos: If you own a hotel or casino, this product works quite well to add privacy on glass doors, and to add privacy to any glass partitions you may have throughout your space. We offer numerous options for custom decorative film, so you’ll be able to keep the theme of your space intact.
  • Restaurants: Decorative window tinting is a great way to add privacy to restaurants in high traffic pedestrian areas.  This option will prevent that fish-bowl effect your customers may feel when sitting next to windows, yet it won’t block out all the natural light in your space, and it looks great!
  • Retail Spaces:  You can use this decorative product to provide privacy from passersby if you have large windows, or even use this film on dressing room doors for a more modern looking space.  The versatility of this product will allow you to get the look and feel you want to keep your style cohesive.
  • Offices: Whether you have a corporate office or a dental office, this process can give you an interesting update.  Modern-style office buildings with glass-walled offices and large windows are becoming more and more popular.  While this style is great for letting natural light into any space, it isn’t great for privacy.  Adding an opaque window film can solve the problem of privacy in a beautiful way, or can just add style to an otherwise blank space.

Decorative Window Tinting with Scottish

If you would like to learn more about getting this useful and innovative product on your business space, give us a call or send an email today.  We’ll set you up with one of our experts to give an on-site consultation, and talk to you about the many options that you have for decorative window tinting!