5 Great Decorative Window Film Designs

5 Great Decorative Window Film Designs.

5. HD decorative window film can now add rich colors to your space!

The windows in this office area were dressed up to look more interesting with decorative window film. The colored smoke design subtly moves from red to purple in a playful pattern.

4 Custom designs can now be cut in your decorative and privacy films.

These office conference rooms feature a solid stripe of frosted window film running along the length of the windows. Circular accent patterns are distributed along the windows pulling everything together, and completing the design.

3 Window film in restaurants can add a stylish touch or brand element.

This restaurant came up with a clever window film design for decorating their windows. This design features fork tips in a decorative pattern that is repeated throughout the design.

2 Conference room privacy without sacrificing style.

This meeting room needed a little privacy and with decorative window film they were able to accomplish that goal, in style. This meeting room features a frosted window film design with trees in the negative space.

1 Decorative window film that gets your attention!  Enhance your brand!

This window film features a large detailed design across several retail store front windows. These windows are not easy to miss.

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