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When your building gets struck by graffiti it can cost your property thousands in repairs, which is why installing anti-graffiti films is such a good idea.

How Salt Lake City Businesses Can Save Money With Anti-Graffiti Film

How Salt Lake City Businesses Can Save Money With Anti-Graffiti Film

No matter where you live business ownership is hard This holds true for Salt Lake City. During a global pandemic especially you must make every dollar count even more. In these trying times then, spending money for graffiti removal can be maddening. But, there is a way to protect your Salt Lake City Business from vandalism in spots where it is most vulnerable: elevators, glass windows, and mirrors. Graffiti abatement films are a very effective tool against vandalism both covering graffiti and protecting surfaces being destroyed by it again.

  1. Anti-graffiti Films for Elevator Vandalism: Elevators are one of the most common places Struck by graffiti. While Salt Lake City is a safe place it still struggles with crimes of vandalism. In elevators, ugly scratch graffiti will ruin metal elevator panels. Traditional graffiti removal is extremely costly and requires a lot of downtime for your elevator when fixed. In some cases, it can cost upwards of $10,000. A cost-effective alternative is Metal Shield. This is a thick metal finished film that matches the metal on your elevator panels. This film is placed on top of the graffiti damage and totally obscuring it. Plus it only takes hours to install and costs less than 1/10 traditional elevator graffiti repair. 
  2. Anti-graffiti film for Glass Vandalism: Graffiti on glass surfaces is ugly and also makes your business look unprofessional. It will drive away customers, costing you more money in lost business. One of the biggest issues with glass graffiti is that removing it is very hard. It is a long difficult process and an expensive one too. With Glass Shield graffiti abatement films installed in advance, you protect glass from the permanent effects of vandalism. one of the best things about these films is that they are completely invisible and protect glass windows indoors from all types of graffiti: scratch, paint, acid. They are also much less expensive than glass replacement, saving business owners money and protecting them from future damage.
  3. Anti-graffiti Films for Mirror Vandalism: The mirrored fixtures in Salt Lake City businesses (and businesses across the US) tend to attract graffiti. It is a common Map of vandalism that hurts businesses across the nation. The problem with mirror graffiti is, once the mirror’s surface is ruined, it cannot and needs to be replaced. This gets expensive. However, Mirror Shield graffiti film is a great workaround for mirror replacement. These amazing mirrored films go right over vandalized mirrors to cover all the graffiti. They look and function exactly like the mirrors they cover.

If Your Salt Lake City-based business struggles with issues of graffiti, contact us for free graffiti consultation and to learn more about our amazing graffiti obscuring films.