Graffiti removal on elevators is expensive and time-consuming, so protect your building's elevator with Graffiti Shield Metal Film.

Lower Your Salt Lake City Building’s Maintenance Cost With Metal Shield Graffiti Prevention Film

Lower Your Salt Lake City Building’s Maintenance Cost With Metal Shield Graffiti Prevention Film

Metal Shield For Graffiti Removal In Your Salt Lake Elevator

If you own or manage a commercial building in the Salt Lake City area, you have likely seen or have had to deal with graffiti in one form or another. Even though Salt Lake City is a relatively safe city, the hard reality is–no city is immune to graffiti. While almost any type of graffiti is a blight for a commercial property owner, one type of graffiti, in particular, elevator graffiti, makes a deeper dent than other graffitis because it is always far more expensive to fix and results in quite a few days of downtime for your elevator. Add to all this the annoyance of a week of loud sanding and banging that is customary for traditional elevator panel replacement, and you have a bad situation on your hands with what could hurt your building’s reputation and cause you to lose tenants. At Scottish Window Tinting we understand how elevator graffiti affects commercial buildings which is why we carry a line of Metal shield products, specifically designed to mitigate the damage done to elevators by vandals and save Salt Lake City commercial building owners time, money and stress.

What is Metal Shield And How Will It Protect My Salt Lake City Elevator From Graffiti?

Metal Shield is a 6-mil thick graffiti prevention film which is installed over vandalized stainless steel surfaces and precisely matches the finish of the damaged panel. The best feature of Metal Shield Elevator Graffiti Film is, it also acts as a sacrificial layer on your elevator’s panel so if vandalism occurs again, the film is easily removed and replaced–always at a much lower cost (10x less expensive) and with less downtime (usually done in 1 day) than with full panel replacement. At Scottish Window Tinting, we also carry a full range of other protective films for areas that are frequent targets of vandalism; mirrors, glass, and almost any flat surface.

Don’t let vandals cost you tens of thousands of dollars, protect your property and your profit with Metal Shield and contact Scottish Window Tinting today!