Metal films are one of the best ways to both fix existing elevator graffiti and to lower the cost of repairs on metal elevator panels too.

Elevator Restoration Tips from the Experts at Scottish Window Tinting

Elevator Restoration Tips from the Experts at Scottish Window Tinting

Elevator Graffiti Removal In Dallas

If you own or manage a property here in Dallas we know that nothing will make your blood boil more than the sight of graffiti on your building’s elevator.  The site of it means time and money and incredible amounts of hassle. While it is true that elevator graffiti is annoying and a bad problem for a commercial business to have–don’t chalk it up to thousands of dollar of repair costs yet. There is a way to deal with it quickly and cost-effectively!  Below we have put together some good advice and ideas on how to deal with elevator graffitis using one of our revolutionary film products and some tips for a hassle-free elevator graffiti removal too.

Tips On Elevator Graffiti Removal in Dallas

Get Elevator Repaired Right Away

The most critical advice we can give you when it comes to preventing elevator graffiti from proliferation is–to have it removed promptly.  If you let it sit, you will soon see more graffiti occur. Also, the longer graffiti is visible, the higher the odds it will attract more vandals.  This will affect your building’s reputation for professionalism, so don’t wait.

Choose A Solution With A Quick Turnaround Time

Repairs to an elevator interior surfaces using traditional methods are very time-consuming.  So, when looking for elevator graffiti removal for your Dallas commercial investment, it is critical to figure out a way for your elevator to be up and running quickly. A way to minimize downtime is definitely by opting for a metal film product instead of traditional repair. Metal film products are applied in less than one day with no sanding or noise.

Make Sure The Graffiti Damage Is Completely Removed

Some elevator restoration methods involve sanding the graffiti off the metal surface.  This will take care of the problem in short order but long term it affects the look of your elevator.  Even well-sanded, buffed and polished metal finishes show hints of repair. Our metal film products, on the other hand, are applied on top of the graffiti–a new surface for your elevator panel.  This means the graffiti is totally obscured and you cannot see any difference from the non-affected panels either. Also, the cost of a metal film product is much lower than traditional elevator restoration- about one-tenth the price.

These are just a few of the most important pieces of advice we have for Dallas building owners or managers for elevator repair.  For more info and to talk to our specialists for pricingschedule a one-on-one consultation with Scottish Window Tinting today.