Types of Anti-Graffiti Window Film for Huntsville Buildings

Types of Anti-Graffiti Window Film for Huntsville Buildings

Have you been dealing with persistent or recurring vandalism? If so, you should consider anti-graffiti window film for your Huntsville property!

Graffiti can be a hard challenge to overcome. Vandals are ultra-sneaky and target places like public bathrooms, making it nearly impossible to catch them in the act.

What’s more, costs for repairs can add up quickly. Even if you replace the damaged fixture, there’s no guarantee you won’t be looking at the same problem a few weeks or months down the road.

Anti-graffiti film solves these challenges by offering an affordable solution for preventing and repairing vandalism. Below, we’ve discussed some of the different types available today.


What Is the Purpose of Anti-Graffiti Film?

Anti-graffiti films are used for two main purposes. This includes:

A) Vandalism prevention: The film is a type of sacrificial coating. It can be installed on new fixtures to prevent future damage. When vandalism occurs, only the film gets damaged, not the area beneath.

B) Repairing existing damage: The film can also be used to repair damage that has already occurred. It comes in a variety of styles including mirror, metal, and glass finishes. You can use it to cover damage that has already happened.


Types of Anti-Graffiti Window Film for Huntsville Locations

From public buildings like schools to privately owned offices, restaurants, and commercial locations, anti-graffiti window films can be leveraged by Huntsville properties of all types. They come in a variety of styles including:


Mirror Film

These films have a reflective sheen, just like a mirror! You can use them to protect and repair bathroom mirrors, lobby room mirrors, and more.


Metal Film

Anti-graffiti films also come in a metalized form. Metal films are great for applying to areas made of stainless steel, brushed gold, or aluminum. This includes appliances, elevators, handrails, and other features and fixtures.


Glass Film

Glass films can repair damage since they’re clear, but they can prevent it! Use these films on your windows, glass conference room walls, and more.


Explore Your Options

Call our office today to explore your options and find the right anti-graffiti window film for your Huntsville building!