The best window film is always the one that functions best for a particular issue and fits a homeowner's budget and lifestyle,

What is the Best Window Film?

What is the Best Window Film?

There are many window film brands on the market.  However, the best window film is always the one that fits your Denver home or businesses needs.  A good match of form to function will ensure you are happy with your purchase and, more importantly, you will get the desired benefits.  There are five major things to consider when shopping for window tinting.  If your film satisfies all 5 criteria, you have found the best window film for you.

5 Considerations for Finding the Right Window Film

There are several factors to consider when selecting a window film but they can be narrowed down into 3 categories. 

  • Application
  • Aesthetics
  • Durability

The Application of the Window Film

Window tinting is a multifunctional product.  It can solve many problems at once.  However, you should ask yourself what the main issue is with your windows and go from there.   For instance, if you are worried about your new hardwood floors fading, you will want to look for a film that’s the main function is blocking the sun’s destructive rays on your furnishings.  

Other primary functions include:

  • Glare Reduction
  • Heat Reduction
  • Safety or Security
  • Privacy Issues
  • Decorative Additions

The Aesthetics of the Window Tinting

The aesthetics of your Denver home or business are important to you and the value of your property. Therefore you want the window film you select to look good inside and out.  Many films today make windows look better and improve views. So it is easy to invest in a window tinting solution that is lovely and powerful. A reputable window film contractor, like us, will be able to show you examples of how your window film will look once applied. 

The Durability of Your Window Film

All window film is not created equal.  Some films are cheap and use materials that are substandard or poorly manufactured.  So, you always want to make sure the window film you choose has proven longevity. The best way to do this is by selecting a reputable tinting brand for your Denver home or business.  We only carry the best brands and our expert consultations can advise you on the best one for you based on its material components, production methods, and its suitability for your situation.  

Keep in mind, that any reputable window film brand, installed by a certified brand installer will have a strong warranty.  Usually, commercial films have a 10-year warranty and residential films have a lifetime warranty.

To get started selecting the best window film for your Denver area home, contact us today for a free consultation.