What Can You Put On Windows to Make them More Energy Efficient?

What Can You Put On Windows to Make them More Energy Efficient?

Ah, summer. It’s about this time of year that we start noticing problems with the energy efficiency of our windows. Single pane windows are notorious for leaking hot and cold air. If you walk up to them, you’ll notice a difference in temperature right away.

And during the summer, it can be almost too much to bear. Most of us have windows in our bedrooms and bathrooms, so it’s hard to avoid standing by them. If it’s a warm enough summer, you might feel like your skin is melting off whenever you go near.

If this sounds like your situation, you’re probably wondering, what can I put on my windows to make them more energy efficient? Well, there are a few different options. The most common ones are window sun shades, blinds/curtains, and window film. Most people tend to go with a window tint application. As we take a look at each option further, you’ll understand why.

The Causes Behind Solar Heat Gain

Most people experience solar heat gain during the summer because this is when their home gets the most afternoon sun. During the summer, the Earth’s axis is tilted towards the sun, so days are longer. Most cities in the U.S. get about one to two hours more sunlight during the peak of summer than the winter.

That means that the amount of time that your windows come into contact with the sun is longer. The sun beats down, the glass heats up, and all that heat makes its way into your home, where it causes your air conditioning system to work like crazy.

Additional Causes

Other factors that can contribute to solar heat gain are lack of foliage, size of windows, and the direction your home faces. If there are no trees around your house and you’ve got huge windows, then your home is going to absorb more sun.

Different Options for Improving Energy Efficiency

The good news is, there are a lot of ways you can keep heat out of your home. Here are a few things you can put on your windows to make them more energy efficient:

  • Sun shades and screens: Pull down shades will help keep the heat out, but they will block visible light as well as the view from your windows.
  • Blinds/curtains/drapes: Like sunshades, decorative window coverings like curtains and drapes will keep temperatures cooler inside your home. And some of them are nice to look at. But these options will also obstruct your views and diminish natural brightness.
  • Window film: Spectrally selective window films and low-e window films do an excellent job at improving energy efficiency and they still allow for high levels of visible light transmission. Some of them are even totally clear. This way, nothing changes except the temperature of your home.
  • Retrofitting Windows Vs. Replacing Them

    Some homeowners are under the false impression that double pane windows work better than window film. But this simply is not true. In fact, the reverse is actually more accurate, since window film provides a better ROI. It’s much cheaper and faster to add an energy efficient film to your existing windows than replace all of them.

    Plus, a lot of the fancy new vinyl frames that are out there today just aren’t as effective as old, reliable wood frames. Even if you live in an older home, preserving your existing windows is almost always the more cost-effective and sensible choice.

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