Denver Window Film Referral Program

Scottish Window Film running a referral program for 2011. Reaching out to our many happy clients in Denver and across Colorado we will be working to promote the environmentally friendly and financially rewarding installation of window film. Installing window film in Denver is especially interesting because of the hot summers and harsh sun that demonstrate the value of window film by lowering the needs for air conditioning, protecting home furnishing from fading, and potentially providing privacy for certain windows in your home.

Denver Window Film Referral Program 2011 Details

    • Referral sources will receive 7.5% of the project total. If desired, friends and families can split this referral reward and reduce the window film cost by 3.5%
    • Rewards will be delivered by check or product credit upon the completion of the project and closing of the invoice
    • Only previous clients and industry partners are eligible for the referral program

Do you want to learn more about the referral program? Contact us today and we will be happy to clarify any specifics concerning the Scottish Window Tinting Denver Window Film Referral Program.