Surface refinishing films are a way to renovate your building's interiors without the time and expense of totally remodeling.

Surface Film Applications You See Every Day But Don’t Know It

Surface Film Applications You See Every Day But Don’t Know It

Walking around the Kansas City area you likely pass right by surface films and don’t even know it! This is because there are both surface and window films and 90% are invisible. In fact, many of our customers are surprised by just how many surfaces film work on. This is why we sell both. Surface films are films fairly inexpensive and can be applied to nearly any non-transparent surface or features: walls, elevators, and other architectural features. They will breathe new life and/or style into your commercial space–for pennies on the dollar.

Hidden Surface Films That Work Wonders

Metal Films on Elevators: Elevators here in Kansas City and across the US get struck with graffiti all the time. It is frustrating for building owners and very hard/expensive to remove. This is why many building managers frequently come to us for metallic surface films. They are thick films with metal finishes that go over the vandalism. It is much less expensive than traditional elevator repairs and it is also easy to remove and replace.

Mirrored Films on Mirrors: You’ve probably seen or currently have a bathroom mirror with graffiti on it. Not only does it look bad but gives upstanding businesses a bad name. Sometimes graffiti stays on mirrors because replacing these commercial mirrors is costly. We provide building owners an alternative to full replacement with our mirrored films. They go over the graffiti and perfectly match the mirrored surface. Your customers will never even know it is there. This saves Kansas City commercial spaces time and money in repairs.  

Resurfacing Films on Walls and Architectural Features: Any surfaces that are public-facing gets worn down from everyday use. Eventually these damages add-up and make interiors look dingy and dated. Walls, trim, metallic framing, exposed beams–all are areas that are prone to dings, scratches, and scuffs. Fully renovating your building’s interiors is expensive and time-consuming. However, there is another way. Resurfacing films, like Di-Noc, go right over affected surfaces and give commercial spaces a whole new look!  

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