DI-NOC surface remodeling films are used as a less-expensive workaround to refurbishing commercial surfaces in hallways, stairs, walls, and more!

DINOC Surface Films for Lower Cost Remodels

DINOC Surface Films for Lower Cost Remodels

Business owners here in Chicago, like those all across the USA, are in recovery mode. Conserving cash is a high priority and it’s no time for expensive remodels.  There is talk of recession in the air, so to make every dollar count and when keeping up your aging interiors, a cost-effective remodel solution is necessary. This is where DI-NOC Architectural Design Films should become a  real consideration.  These amazing films will help commercial investors get the interiors they need to compete in the Chicago real estate game–without breaking the bank–a real win/win.

What are DI-NOC Architectural Films?

3M™ DI-NOC™ Architectural Films are pretty amazing. They are the perfect solution to decorative surface refinishing in commercial spaces.  Professional installers, like Scottish Window Tinting in Chicago, apply them to areas of your building like walls, doors, elevators, stairwells, and hallways to cover damage to the surface.  Since these areas get scuffed, scratched, and dented–they end up looking old and battered. They are films that mimic the look of real wood, metal, wall covering, and more.  Rather than having your entire building remodeled–these films take care of the aging surfaces without the cost of a total remodel. 

Why Use DI-NOC?

There is no refuting DI-NOC Architectural films by 3M are cost-effective.  But there are other outstanding features and benefits too!  They come in a variety of wood grain colors, metal finishes as well as decorative designs.  So you are sure to find a finish that matches the original or something new and modern to upgrade your Chicago space.  By installing these films you will save your company thousands in renovations and repairs every time it comes time for upgrades.  

Don’t lose out on this opportunity to revitalize your commercial space while traffic is low and head into this next season with a beautiful commercial space remodeled with DI-NOC. For more information on DI-NOC Architectural Films reach out to us today at Scottish Window Tinting in Chicago.