DI-NOC surface films are a lovely way to change the look of Dallas ommercial locations quickly and for much less money than a full remodel.

The Top Three Uses For DI-NOC Surface Films

The Top Three Uses For DI-NOC Surface Films

If you own a business in Dallas, you likely have a use for DI-NOC films by 3M. They are self-adhesive surfaces that can be applied to nearly any flat surface in your commercial space. They are a way to revive battered surfaces and make them look new and fresh again or as a way to quickly makeover your space. These architectural films are a cost-effective solution for improving the look of any flat feature your Dallas business may have, from doors to ceilings. Although you can put them anywhere, we’ve listed some of the most popular places companies use them below.

DI-NOC Surface Films for Display Case Backgrounds

Available in a variety of designs at a fraction of natural wood or metal panels, DI-NOC™ designs add the warmth of wood grains and the sleek feel of metal to the background of display cases in Dallas stores, restaurants, hotels, and more. The best part is, nobody will be able to tell these striking finishes are faux!

DI-NOC Surface Films In Place of Wallpaper

Wallpaper looks excellent but is expensive and easily damaged. Instead of spending a ton of money on fragile wallpaper, many of our clients opt for DI-NOC™ Architectural Films. They are lightweight, self-adhering, and can be applied on-site to the existing wall. This reduces labor costs, material costs, and, most critically, the cost of constant replacements. 

DI-NOC Surface Films for Cost-Effective Architectural Repairs

When you have a Dallas business that people or staff pass through regularly, it causes wear and tear on walls, trim, and other protruding architectural features; covering surface damage with films is one approach to repair it. Surface films, such as DI-NOC, also protect against future harm. It’s simple to have scuffed and scratched surfaces removed and replaced once the films have been scuffed and ruffled. This is often a less costly option than renovating the complete building.

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