Beautiful, durable and easy to install DI-NOC surface films by 3M are one of the best ways to revamp your commercial space!

DI-NOC Surface Films For Cost-Effective Commercial Space Remodels

DI-NOC Surface Films For Cost-Effective Commercial Space Remodels

Over the years the highly trafficked areas in commercial buildings accrue a lot of damage.  From scratches to scuffs and dings to dents–the need for refurbishing these areas happens fairly frequently.  As any commercial investor knows–renovations are expensive.  This is where something like a DI-NOC surface film by 3M proves invaluable.  These self-adhesive films can be applied by us here at Window Film Phoenix on nearly any flat spot where damage has occurred. Ceilings, walls, and furniture are quickly and easily restored with these incredible films.  They come in over 800 finishes so you are sure to find a finish to match everything from metal, marble, stone, wood, solids, abstract designs, and more. 

The Added Benefits of DI-NOC for your Phoenix Space

DI-NOC films for your Phoenix space mean doing visually for a fraction of what a remodel would cost.  But these films are more than just a pretty face–check out the list of benefits below.

  • Durability:  DI-NOC surface films come with a 5 to 10-year warranty depending on which film you choose and the application. Considering the wear and tear these areas face–this makes them an excellent value!
  • Adaptability:  Even if you don’t have damage to your surfaces–these surface films are a smart fix to aging interior surfaces that need a fresh new look. 
  • Sustainability:   With trying to make less of an environmental impact on everyone’s mind these days(and for good reason) a lot of commercial spaces are trying to find ways to renovate smarter.  Since these films reduce construction remodel waste to almost nothing–they are a truly green choice.
  • Fire-Safety:  Doing the best to prevent damage if a fire happens is a smart concern for any commercial investor. Almost all DI-NOC surface films come with NFPA 101 “Life Safety Code” and Test Method ASTM E84 Class-A fire rating.
  • Low Maintenance:  It is easy and affordable for your Phoenix building manager to keep these films looking new.  Simply have your janitorial staff clean them using detergent and water.  

For more information on these amazing films contact us at Scottish Window Tinting today to browse finish samples and explore pricing!