Metal Shield is a great way to prevent something like elevator graffiti from damage your reputation as a clean and reputable hotel and is incredibly cost-effective.

The Benefits Elevator Restoration for San Antonio Hotels WIth Metal Shield

The Benefits Elevator Restoration for San Antonio Hotels WIth Metal Shield

Use Metal Shield to Restore Hotel Elevators in San Antonio to Like-New Condition

San Antonio is a popular destination for work travelers and vacationers alike, serving an estimated 31 million people every year. Keeping our hotels clean, professional and welcoming for guests is important for reputation and repeat business. San Antonio is a relatively safe city but we do see graffiti and vandalism on occasion. Oftentimes, hotel elevators are a popular spot to tag. Using a graffiti shield on the walls of your elevators is an easy solution and has many benefits:


Reduce Maintenance Downtime by Using Metal Shield On Elevators in San Antonio Hotels

Frequently the elevator is not available for guests to use while you’re trying to restore it after it has been vandalized. Being forced to take the stairs or having to wait in line for the remaining elevator(s) has a negative impact on your customers. Replacing a Graffiti Shield film takes only a matter of hours meaning that there is little to no downtime for your elevator.


Match the Finish of the Elevator in Your San Antonio Hotel with Metal Shield

Having a uniform texture and color shows the professionalism of your hotel but the process of removing graffiti can impact the appearance of your elevator. With a variety of finishes and the ability to create custom films, Metal Shield can be an exact match to the finish you currently have. The finishes we provide at Scottish Window Tinting here in San Antonio include stainless steel, brushed aluminum and brushed gold among others.


Save Money by Using Metal Shield in Your San Antonio Hotel Elevator

When restoring an elevator, you may have to replace the entire panel that has been vandalized which is a costly maintenance item. Replacing a Graffiti Shield film panel is significantly less expensive (sometimes 10x less expensive) than replacing a panel in a tagged hotel elevator. The upfront cost of the film is less expensive, plus it is easier and quicker to replace than a wall panel. Having this process completed quickly can protect your business’s reputation, which is an invaluable benefit.


Scottish Window Tinting San Antonio for Your Elevator Restoration and Protection Needs

At Scottish Window Tinting, we provide many different graffiti shield and metal shield products. We’re here to help you maintain and restore your commercial elevators so that you can continue to serve your guests at the highest level. Contact us for more information on how Scottish Window Tinting San Antonio can help you protect your hotel elevators!

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