Concert Season is Approaching! How Stadium Window Film Can Help Make San Antonio Arenas Safer

Concert Season is Approaching! How Stadium Window Film Can Help Make San Antonio Arenas Safer

Spring is just around the corner! With Spring comes a large host of events meaning that concert season is approaching. With numerous stadiums and venues throughout the San Antonio area, finding ways to make sure all of your guests are safe is crucial. Concert safety needs to be taken seriously due to unfortunate events of concerts being targeted in the past. In addition to security personnel, security systems, and surveillance cameras, security film offers a great addition as the last line of defense towards imminent threats.

The Advantages of Security Film for Your San Antonio Arena

Safety and security window film can be applied to all exterior glass elements for mitigating broken glass hazards. Did you know that broken glass is actually the leading cause of blast-related death and considerable injury? Defend concert guests from break-ins, burglaries, natural disasters, freak accidents, and more. Since concert venues can be targeted with a more serious crime, specialty security film is definitely something to consider. Bomb blast protection offers better defense against higher impact events such as explosions. Bomb blast protection is ideal for properties of this size that can house tens of thousands of guests at any given time. Ballistic resistant window film provides resistance against gunfire and can be used tactically for security headquarters and more.

Work with San Antonio’s Security Experts for Your Arena Safety

Scottish Window Tinting is proud to be the leading security experts providing premium security coverage for arenas and venues throughout the San Antonio area. We’ve worked with arenas across the nation for all of their security efforts. Work directly with civil engineers and security specialists for custom solutions that optimize your property’s safety. We’ll create individually-tailored plans that provide product recommendations and more.

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