How Ballistic Resistant / Bullet Proof Film Protects Salt Lake City Churches & Public Buildings

How Ballistic Resistant / Bullet Proof Film Protects Salt Lake City Churches & Public Buildings

We live in a world where unpredictable things happens. It seems like everytime you turn on the news, there’s a story about a wildfire outbreak, a hurricane, a shooting , or some other kind of disaster. These incidences are unfortunate, but they’re also part of life. But that’s why it’s important to take actions to stay prepared and have a plan incase something happens. That’s where ballistic resistant window film systems can help. Ballistic resistant, also referred to as “bulletproof,” can help protect Salt Lake City churches, museums, libraries, and public buildings and keep occupants safe and out of harm’s way.

About Ballistic Resistant Window Film

Ballistic resistant window film is a new type of security window film that’s only recently come into existence. These super strong, durable window films use the power of C-Bond primer, a priming agent that strengths glass at the molecular level, combined with multiple layers of security window film to make glass surfaces more resistant to impact and shattering. Ballistic resistant window films are commonly used in places like airports, military buildings, schools, and government offices, though they are also highly beneficial for churches and public spaces.

Are ballistic resistant window films really bulletproof?

The short answer to this question is no. But they are resistant to gunshots and explosives. Bulletproof glass is really a thing that we see in the movies. Even bulletproof glass is only resistant to gunshots and will eventually break after being fired at multiple times. The same thing goes for ballistic resistant window systems. While these systems may not be completely bulletproof, they can resistant impact for some time and provide time for occupants to escape or take action.

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Ballistic Resistant Window Film Benefits for Churches & Public Buildings

Ballistic resistant window film can benefit Salt Lake City churches and public buildings in a variety of ways, but the most important are:

  • 1. Protection for stained glass windows & building interiors
  • 2. Defense against intruders, firearms, explosives, high speed winds, and flying debris
  • 3. Increased level of safety for staff, visitors, and occupants
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