Salt Lake City | Decorative Window Film

What is Decorative Window Film?

Decorative window film is used in many homes and offices in Salt Lake City. Many people invest in decorative window film when they don’t want to invest in a new piece of decorative or frosted glass since it is a much cheaper alternative. This style of film can give any room in your home or office a custom feel and provide accent pieces and character. There are 3 major types of decorative films which we provide for Salt Lake City businesses and residents, all of which are custom designed and cut to the client’s specifications. The possibilities are literally endless!

The benefits of decorative window film not only include aesthetic look, but privacy as well. If you have an office and want to limit the noise or distraction outside of meeting rooms, you can install decorative window film. It will not only look great but can eliminate any unwanted views.

Another style of decorative window film is for the use of custom designs. Clients have used this technique for creating marketing campaigns on their windows, slogans or logos. These films allow you to add or change the look of your windows at any time. When you have these designs custom built into your glass, the expense of replacing a full window can cause a dent in your bank account.

Frosted Privacy Films

Get the frosted glass look at a fraction of the price, with our custom frosted films. Perfect for bathrooms and conference rooms.

HD Graphics

Turn high res images, graphics and even text into stunning window film art. The perfect way to make your business truly stand out.

Custom Wall Wraps

Film isn't just for windows any more! Complement custom window films with custom wall graphic wraps.

Decorative window film comes in many designs and styles. You can find geometric shapes, abstract swirls, colored panels or designs, natural designs or words. The natural designs are great to use in spas or retreats here in Salt Lake City that would like to provide some character and design but maintain the earthy, neutral feel of their surroundings.

If you are interested in what decorative window film can do for your home or company, get in touch with Scottish Window Tinting here in Salt Lake City and we will provide you with a free, in home consultation.