When it comes to installing commercial and residential window film, Northglenn Colorado residents are looking for expert installation and advice

Your Northglenn window film experts

Your Northglenn window film experts

When it comes to installing commercial and residential window film, Northglenn, Colorado residents are looking for expert installation and advice. The fact is, there is a wide array of window film products on the market, and the layman is frequently stumped as to how to choose the most appropriate and effective one.

Here at Scottish Window Tinting, we offer a full line of window film products for both residential and all kinds of commercial needs from industry leaders Llumar, Vista, Enerlogic, and 3M. And you don’t have to know all the differences between types of window film, Northglenn. That’s why you have us! residential:commercial window film northglenn

Let’s run down the main types of window film Northglenn homeowners and business owners might be the most interested in having installed.

1. Energy efficiency window film: saves a home or business money on heating and cooling costs. Some clients report saving up to fifty percent on these energy costs over the course of a year’s time. With this type of high-performance window film, Northglenn residents can beat the high cost of energy, lower their carbon footprint, and be more comfortable in their own homes, businesses, schools, hotels, etc. Energy saving window film blocks heat gain from the summer sun and blocks heat loss in the winter, keeping the heat indoors where it belongs.

2. Security or loss prevention window film: this can also save money on thefts that it can thwart, even as it adds peace of mind. With this type of high-tech window film, Northglenn homeowners can rest assured no burglar will enter their homes by smashing or shattering the windows. And even if a window does break, the pieces of glass will remain held firmly in place by the security window film, and the intruder will be out of luck.

3. Privacy or decorative window film: this is a whole line of affordable window film products that can add privacy, color, and style. There are films that look like mirrored glass, etched or frosted glass, colored or painted glass, and many more. With this type of window film, Northglenn residents can add instant privacy or a style upgrade to windows, doors, glass partitions, and glass walls.

4. Anti-graffiti window film: with this window film, Northglenn business owners can easily dispatch any graffiti that lands on their windows, simply by removing the film. The graffiti goes right with it, and a fresh film can then be applied.

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For more information about our full line of window film, Northglenn or any of the northern suburbs, why not give us a call today at Scottish Window Tinting? We have a decade of window film experience and can answer any questions, offer a quote, and steer you toward the perfect window film product for your needs.