Window Tinting Protects Your Family at Salt Lake City’s High Altitude

Window Tinting Protects Your Family at Salt Lake City’s High Altitude

Salt Lake City sits at an altitude of over 4200 feet, which means it’s much closer to the sun than many other parts of the country. It also means that residents are far more at risk to being exposed to ultraviolet radiation. Luckily you can protect your family from uv rays by installing window tinting for your Salt Lake City home. Window tint is low maintenance, affordable, and is highly effective in blocking out uv radiation, making it the ultimate solution for proactive parents and families everywhere.

UV Radiation Gets Indoors

The sunlight can be quite intense in Salt Lake City, which is why residents know it’s a good idea to put on sunblock before a long day at the park or hit the slopes. But what many people don’t realize is that they’re still exposed to uv radiation even when they’re indoors. That’s because the sunlight can still get into your home through your windows.

Health Risks from UV Exposure

And studies show that too much exposure to uv radiation can be highly detrimental to your health. Uv radiation is the culprit behind many serious diseases and health conditions. UV exposure has been linked to cancer, macular degeneration, immune system oppression, corneal damage, and blindness.

Window Tinting Blocks 99.9% of UV Rays

That’s why it’s important to take caution in the sun, both when you’re inside and outdoors. Window tinting offers an easy way to protect your family’s skin, eyes, and overall health. It filters the light coming into your home and blocks out 99.9% of ultraviolet radiation. And it delivers results for a long period of time. Many window films can last up to ten years or more.

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