With our residential window film, Aurora residences can have many benefits that they would not have imagined or even thought possible.

Window film for your Aurora home

Window film for your Aurora home

With window film, Aurora residences can have many benefits that they would not have imagined. We offer a whole line of high-performance window films for all different applications, some of which we are going to talk about in this post.

Scottish Window Tinting is proud to offer window films from the leaders in this industry, including Llumar, Enerlogic, Vista, and 3M.

Energy efficiency window film, Aurora energy conscious residents know, can cut a significant amount of money off a home’s heating and cooling bills. That is definitely our most requested type of window film. It makes any glass window or door substantially more thermally

Window films are applied to glass, which has several distinct qualities. It shatters under force, it absorbs heat, it transfers that heat inside or outside of the home. With our energy saving window film in Aurora homes, that heat transfer is blocked. In the summer, the heat gain from the sun is blocked from entering the home. In the winter, the heat from your furnace is blocked from leaving the home. In both cases, your home stays more comfortable and requires less air conditioning and less heat to do so. Who wouldn’t want to be more comfortable in their own home and save money at the same time?

What about the shattering factor of glass? For that issue, we recommend a different window film, security window film. With this particular type of window film, Aurora homes have a whole new level of protection for their windows. They will be much more smash resistant, should someone try to break one or should a stray kid’s softball hit the window. But if they do shatter, the glass will be held in place in the frame by the film itself, instead of flying all over and creating a big, dangerous mess to clean up.

Window film, Aurora clients are discovering, has other purposes as well, such as privacy. Do you wish you had more privacy in your home’s entryway? If so, one of our privacy window films installed in the sidelights might perfectly do the trick.residential window film aurora

And what about style? We also offer a whole line of decorative window film Aurora homeowners are flipping over. It can look like etched glass, painted or patterned glass, even stained glass.

What type of window film are you looking for? Do you want to save money on energy bills, cut glare, block UV rays, add privacy or style, or make your home safer from intruders?

For more information or a quote for any window film, Aurora or any of the nearby towns and suburbs, please contact us at Scottish Window Tinting today. We are your window film experts and we would love to earn your business.