Window film is a spectacular technology that will last on most homes for over ten years and comes with powerful warranties.

Is Window Film Durable?

Is Window Film Durable?

One of the biggest questions we get here at Scottish in Colorado Springs is on how long window film will last. This is essential information for those trying to calculate a potential ROI. As it stands, window film is a very durable home improvement and one that will likely last 10+ years on your home. However, some factors influence the duration of window film on windows.

Factors That Influence the Life of Window Film

  1. The Location of the Film: Window film holds up incredibly intense sun exposure–even for years. However, in hot climates, like Colorado Springs, or on windows facing east or west –the film will wear down quicker. So some windows on your home may need to have window tinting replaced before others. But don’t forget–the windows that need film are also the ones that get the most sun and therefore the ones that need the film the most. Also, the ones that will earn you that ROI in energy-savings. 
  2. The Quality of the Film: When it comes to solar films, polyester films have the best window adherence. The trade-off is that these films are also not nearly as resistant to scratches as more expensive films. Ceramic window films are some of the highest-quality window tints. This is why they are more expensive. This means they are more resistant to scratches and damage and tend to last longer than other solar control films. Nearly every window film at a higher price point will be of better quality. So the more you spend per foot–the longer lifespan and/or warranty.
  3.  The Skill of the Installer: Window tinting is something you could, hypothetically, put on your Colorado Springs home windows yourself. But doing this will likely result in a shorter lifespan and a lot of work. It almost always nulls the warranty too–which in the long run makes it a risky and potentially expensive DIY. Using a true professional, that is approved by the window film brand manufacturer you choose, ensures correct adhesion and flawless look. Plus, you will likely get two warranties–installer and manufacturer.

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