Save Your Furnishings From Fading With UV Blocking Window Film

Have you ever moved a piece of furniture, only to be shocked by how much the surrounding carpet or flooring has faded around it? Have you ever wished there was a way to keep your upholstery and rugs from fading in the strong Colorado sun?

As every Coloradan knows, the sun is one of the best attributes of our fair state. But the sun’s UV rays are dangerous, not just to our skin and eyes, but to our home furnishings as well.

Residential window tinting is a fantastic option to consider.

If you’ve ever done any type of art, you probably know that paints such as watercolors and oils, as well as pastels, are rated by their light-fastness. That rating refers to just how resistant they are to fading over time. And many homeowners do have their valuable artwork protected under special glass which can protect it from fading. But, there are many types of artwork that do not go under glass, like oils. How can you protect them?

Perhaps you don’t have the Mona Lisa or a Van Gogh hanging in your home. Perhaps your only artwork consists of the pieces your kids did in grade school. However, it would still be terrific to ensure that those pieces last without fading.

So whether you have costly furnishings or artwork in your home, or if you simply don’t like the idea of having to replace your things because they’ve become ruined by the sun—residential window tinting is the best possible solution.

Here’s why.

It’s green, it’s cost effective, it’s virtually imperceptible on your windows—and it had many other benefits other than just protection from UV rays.

Our energy saving window films will block up to 99% of the sun’s ultra violet rays from entering your home via your windows and glass doors. Of course, there are other aspects in the sun’s rays which contribute to fading as well, but the UV rays account for approximately 40 percent.

So along with saving you money, residential window films can at least slow down the deterioration of your furnishings and artworks. Not to mention that they can also keep your skin from absorbing UV rays in a place you might never have considered needing protection—your home.

Scottish Window Tinting is proud to offer Vista, the preferred choice in residential window films. This outstanding, high-performance product has been approved for residential use by the Skin Cancer Foundation.

And unlike normal sun blocks and sun screens that come in a tube, window films won’t wash off and never need to be reapplied. Rather, they bond molecularly with your windows forming a scratch resistant, long term coating with energy saving and UV blocking benefits that don’t fade over the years.

If you call us to talk price (303-662-8214), we believe you will be very pleasantly surprised. The installation process is frequently a pleasant surprise to our customers as well, because it’s neither loud nor messy and disruptive. Most windows can have window film applied in fifteen minutes or less. So why not contact us today!