With Window film, you are able to have better energy efficiency and save money on bills but also significantly increased home comfort too!

Reduce Your Energy Bills and Increase Comfort In Your  Denver Home By Installing Window Film 

Reduce Your Energy Bills and Increase Comfort In Your  Denver Home By Installing Window Film 

Here in Colorado, we have 4 very distinct seasons.  While happily, most of them are mild– summer and winter can get rough.  So, window film which works year-round is a good addition to any Denver home. The fact of the matter is–when you run the heat and the A/C constantly you are literally throwing money out your windows.  Studies show

“Window film has the potential to reduce energy consumption (through reduction of heat build-up and cooling costs)  by up to 30 percent!”

 This means it is more effective than:

  1. Adding insulation
  2. Installing more air conditioning equipment
  3.  Replacing heating equipment
  4. Air Sealing  

The low cost and fast ROI is what makes this so.  But there is something even better than window film does for Denver homes–which is–make them more comfortable.

How Window Film Improves Comfort In Denver Homes

When your windows don’t have the proper insulation that window film provides–heat and cold leech out through the glass.  This is expensive and makes your Denver home more uncomfortable too. One or more of the following comfortability issues ensue.

  1. Rooms that are cold from drafts: The reason people put plastic over their windows in the winter is that even a thin layer over glass works wonders against drafts.  It makes sense then, a layer of window film which is engineered to be significantly more powerful will work significantly better. In fact, window film gives draft protection equal to double and even triple-paned glass.
  2. Rooms that are hot from solar heat gain: The sun in the summer in Denver is strong.  At such high altitudes, it bakes our homes for months. When the sun scorches down on the windows of your home, it heats up the air inside your home around windows.  This increases the interior temperatures incredibly. Window films and tints reflect or absorb that solar heat so it will not transfer to your living space–making your Denver home more cool and comfortable.
  3. Rooms with hot and cold spots:  This is something that happens in both winter and summer in homes with untreated windows. Essentially, the air you pay to heat or cool comes into a room from your furnace or air conditioner. It then mingles with the heat or cold radiating from the glass on your windows.  When this happens it forms hot or cold spots depending on the direction of the draft when the two airstreams mix. This means, no matter what you set your heat or A/C to, those hot and cold spots will always be there. Window film stops these temperature differences at their sources, the windows.  Thereby eliminating the co-mingling and hot and cold spots.

For more information on how to make your home more energy-efficient, save money AND have a more comfortable home–contact us at Scottish Window Tinting Denver today!

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