Professionally Installed Window Film

When installing window film, there is a specific process that must be followed in order to make sure the film doesn’t bubble or cause problems later down the road. Professionally installed window film, high quality window films, plus attention to detail ensure that your window films cure properly to the glass, giving you the best looking and most efficient result.

Due to adverse Colorado weather, window film can not only bubble, but also crack, or fade as well. This will leave your windows looking pretty ugly. Don’t take a chance on marring your view. The experts at Scottish Window Film have the experience you want to provide installations that are backed by a lifetime warranty.


For professionally installed window film with the best results, the first step is always making sure the windows are completely clean. If there is old paint residue or any kind of buildup on the inside of the glass, it must be removed. A smooth surface is imperative.

The fact is, when it comes to window films, you don’t really want to see them on the window. They must be cut exactly to measurement, applied so that they lay flush against the glass and don’t bubble in any spots, and create a neat coating that becomes all but invisible to the eye. One of the main things about our Eastman window films is they do not stick to the glass with adhesive, they actually create a molecular bond between film and glass.

You want the many benefits of window film, not the sight of window film. And with our professionally installed window films, you can be sure they will be applied in such a way that does not void the warranty on your windows, if any.

Another factor to consider, aside from window film professional installation, is the quality of the film itself. We recommend two different Eastman window films that we believe are top of the line, durable, effective, and able to withstand the ongoing assault by the Colorado sun. For residential use, we cannot speak more highly about Vista Window Film. And we always recommend Enerlogic for commercial products.

Of course, there are DIY products on the market. But they are not easy to apply by yourself, and usually don’t have the natural look most homeowners prefer. Professional quality films, and professional window film installation, make all the difference. And since window films are a home improvement investment that will pay for itself pretty quickly via savings in your energy bill, why not choose the best?

If you want more information about Scottish Window Tinting’s products or installation techniques, why not contact us today? We’d love to talk about pricing or set up a free consultation with you.