Privacy film for showers with glass windows

Do you have a window right in your shower? This can be uncomfortable for some when taking a shower, depending on where that window faces. If it faces a neighbor’s window, or a busy backyard, you have an issue. This is very common in older, inner city neighborhoods, where the home are on tiny lots. Shower privacy film is the perfect solution to any privacy concerns you might have.

Sure, windows anywhere in the bathroom are a fantastic feature for letting air into the room, letting the moisture evaporate, and keeping down the growth of mold or mildew. Unfortunately, a window in your shower might not be so fantastic for privacy. The same can be said for a window over your tub; it’s a great feature, especially if you have a nice view while bathing, but again—the privacy issue rears its head.

Shower privacy film can give your bathroom windows the privacy you are looking for at an extremely minimal cost. Your windows will still open and close, you won’t need a shade or a curtain (which is all but impossible in a shower enclosure anyway) and you will immediately have the privacy you need.

You might have various different privacy needs in different bathrooms in your home. In one, there might be a glass window in the shower, there might be a window above the sink in another bathroom, and perhaps even a bay window behind the tub in your master bathroom.

Shower privacy films come in a variety of different styles. They can be patterned or have a design that resembles etched glass, but by far the most popular one for bathroom windows is the one that will make your window resemble frosted glass. It’s perfect because it lets the sun light in but keeps the prying eyes out. (Although you really have to wonder why the builder didn’t use frosted glass in the first place!)

Along with being highly affordable, privacy window films can be installed in minutes, without disrupting your home. There is no mess! Just a new look to your windows and the privacy you crave. You might want to consider adding privacy film to a clear glass shower stall as well, if that is also an issue. That way you can be in the shower, in comfort, and your family can still come in and out of the bathroom if they need to. Perfect for homes with not enough bathrooms, and a lot of people who need to get ready in the morning to go to school or work.

Many people have not heard of privacy shower films, or privacy films at all. They are surprised and delighted at the affordable cost and the simple, effective solution to an ongoing problem. If any of this is your problem, why not give us a call here at Scottish Window Tinting today?