Fade Prevention Window Film Protects Your Phoenix Home from the Sun!

Fade Prevention Window Film Protects Your Phoenix Home from the Sun!

Cloudy days are a rarity in Phoenix. Though the frequent sun and warm temperatures make living in the valley pleasant most of the year, they can also do serious damage to your home and your property. Those harsh UV rays can cause the upholstered surfaces, artwork, flooring, and even the paint on your walls to fade and look dull prematurely. Installing fade prevention window film on your Phoenix home’s windows can help. Here’s how.

Fade Prevention Window Film Blocks UV Rays

Installing fade protection window film on your Phoenix home blocks more than 99% of the sun’s damaging UV rays from filtering through the glass of your windows. It’s those rays that are responsible for your fading upholstery and damaged soft surfaces. Even better, it does this without blocking the natural light you love, so you won’t have to worry about keeping the curtains closed at all times.

The Film Protects Against Excessive Heat

Though much of the damage is caused by the UV rays, heat can hurt your furnishings, too. It causes the materials to break down and once they do, you won’t be able to repair the damage easily. Instead, you’ll have to replace the damaged surfaces entirely. The right film on your windows will cause the heat generated by the UV rays to be less severe, thereby preserving the condition of your home and your decorations.

It’s Like Sunscreen for Your Furnishings

Think of fade protection film as a type of sunscreen for your home’s interior. It prevents the same types of sun damage on your furniture that sunscreen does for your skin. Even better, its protection extends to you when you’re sitting in a sunny spot.

Learn more about fade prevention window film here: 3M_Sun_Control_Fade_Window_Film_Phoenix

Protect Your Furnishings the Easy Way

Installing fade prevention window film on your Phoenix windows is a simple and affordable way to protect your home’s interior. Contact us to get a free quote today.


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