Energy saving window film can lower your bills.

With the affordable installation of energy saving window film, Denver residents can do something they might have thought was impossible: lower their energy bills as they pertain to heating and cooling a home.

Energy bills are high on the Front Range, and Denver’s changeable and somewhat dramatic climate can shoulder a large portion of the blame. Hot dry summers, with day after day of bright sunlight beating down on your house. Cold winters, with bitter winds, heavy snows, and temperatures that drop so low at night, making your furnace work overtime. What can be done? You want to be comfortable in your own home, cool through the summer months and toasty all winter.

With energy saving window film, Denver homeowners finally have a way to lower those bills. Energy efficiency window films are quickly installed to the inside of your windows. They form a molecular bond with the glass and are durable and maintenance free. And this investment will pay for itself in two to three years with the savings you’ll see on your heating and cooling costs.

Here is how energy saving window film, a Denver home must-have, will work for you year after year:

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In the summer: did you know that a substantial portion of the heat inside your home comes from what’s called “heat gain.” This happens when the sun beats on your roof and it also happens when the sun beats through your windows. At certain times of the day, you might even find your windows hot to the touch as the glass absorbs that heat and releases it into your home. With energy saving window film, Denver homes have found a way to block up to fifty percent of the heat gain that happens through your windows.

What about in the winter? Did you know that glass is porous and a great conducter, allowing the heat your furnace is busy churning out will escape through that glass? You’re paying for that heat, and it’s not even staying inside your home! Ridiculous! But with the installation of the exact same energy saving window film that’s keeping you cooler in the summer, that heat will be blocked from escaping. It will be reflected back into the home, where it belongs. And you’ll be cozier with less output from your furnace.

With energy saving window film, Denver homeowners discover they need less air conditioning in summer and less heating in winter, saving you money in both seasons. Sound like something you would be interested in? If so, why not give us a call at Scottish Window Tinting today? We’ll answer any questions, recommend a good product for your needs, and offer a competitive quote.

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