Which window film is best for your Austin home depends on what problem you are trying to solve relating to your home's windows.

What are the best home window film brands on the market?

What are the best home window film brands on the market?

We pride ourselves here at Scottish Window Tinting for carrying the best window films brands available for purchase. For homes here in the Austin area, there simply is no better source for premium window film brands than us. Within our fine selection of films, you will find brands superior to others. However, which window film brand is best for your largely depends on what problem with your homes windows and glass you need to remedy. Below we have listed the best films within specific categories. These ratings are based on ones we know to be effective, high quality and from brands you can trust.

  1. Best Safety And Security Film:3M™ Scotchshield™ Ultra Safety and Security Window Film
    A well-known safety and security by 3m, Scotchshield is powerful against forced entry through windows but just as useful at rejecting UV rays too. It also mitigates damage to you and your home during events like natural disasters and slip and falls. It does this by preventing flying glass shards– the main cause of significant injuries and even fatalities during these events. With a “patented, co-extruded micro-layer” this films is incredibly tear-resistant and can be combined with 3M™ Impact Protection Attachment Systems for high-end safety and security. Plus, this film is covered by 3M’s comprehensive warranty.
  2. Best Climate Control Film: 3M Thinsulate
    For an Austin home that is warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, the 3M Thinsulate brand of window film is one of the best on the market. It is a four-season window film with amazing insulating power. Therefore, it gives your single pane windows the insulation value of double pane and double pane the same as a triple. While at the same time improving the comfort level of your Austin home significantly and nearly eliminating hot and cold spots.
  3. Best Solar Control Window Films: SolarGard Ecolux™ Low-E
    For the best in solar control for your Austin home, SolarGard is a brand with numerous film solutions. However, Ecolux™ Low-E is one of SolarGard’s most advanced product offerings and offers solid year-round comfort and protection from the sun’s rays. Since it is a Low-E film it is great for energy savings but is also spectrally selective–letting in an abundant 68% of the natural light you crave. However, also blocks 99% of the harmful UV rays from coming in through your windows—keeping you, your family and your furnishings safe from UV harm.
  4. Best Home Privacy Window Films: Solyx SX-1004 Clear Ripple Glass
    When you want both style and privacy in your Austin home, there simply is no better textured, patterned or etched window films than Solyx brand decorative films. The Ripple Glass pattern is a very popular choice for bathroom privacy. It protects you from the eyes of the outside world but still lets in plenty of natural light. And it looks fantastic! Other incredible patterns that look good anywhere you need privacy in your Austin home are Solyx White Matte, Solyx Organic Cotton, and for a pop of modern style Solyx Dusted Leaf.
  5. Best Energy Efficiency Window Film: EnerLogic 35
    For a powerful window film that is lovely in appearance but will save you money on energy bills in your Austin home–Enerlogic 35 is a great choice. It is one of our best selling and most effective films in this category. Since it has the lowest emissivity on the market (7%), this film rejects more of the sun’s rays than any others. Also, it offers Austin homes amazing insulation properties. So your home stays the most comfortable in the summer and winter while you save profoundly on your energy bills.

For more information on any of these films and others for your Austin home and to discuss your budget and pricing, contact us at Scottish Window Tinting today!

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