3 Ways Residential Window Film Can Keep Your Salt lake City Home Comfortable This Spring

3 Ways Residential Window Film Can Keep Your Salt lake City Home Comfortable This Spring

Spring is officially here! March 20th marked the first day of spring of the 2019 calendar year. In Salt Lake City, spring is a beautiful time of the year. The flowers are blossoming, the trees start to grow back their lush, green leaves, and the sun is out and shining almost every day.

But even though it’s only spring, some days can get pretty warm in Salt Lake City. It’s not uncommon for daytime temperatures to reach into the high 80’s in late May, early June. And all the sun and heat can definitely impact your home. That’s why now is the perfect time to install residential window film for your Salt Lake City home. By installing residential window film, you can make your home tremendously more comfortable this spring and save money. Here’s how.

Three Advantages of Installing Residential Window Film for the Spring

With the cold weather out of the way, spring is a great time of the year for home improvement projects. Here’s why installing residential window film should be at the top of your list of upgrades to make to your Salt Lake City home this spring.

Keeps Out Heat

With plenty of warm weather days ahead, extra insulation for your windows is a necessity during the spring and summer. Insulation helps keep heat out of your home and traps in the cold air produced by your cooling system. 3M Window Film is an excellent insulator and offers a more budget friendly alternative to upgrading to triple and double pane windows.

Softens Light

Sure, everyone wants a bright, sunny home filled with natural light. But what no one wants is to be blinded by the sun when they open their curtains. Harsh sunlight not only hurts your eyes, but also can keep you from enjoying the activities you love the most, such as watching tv or playing games on your computer because of the glare. Keep glare out of your home with residential window film in Salt Lake City.

Provides Privacy

Everyone feels more comfortable when they know their privacy is protected. With residential window film for your entryway, bathroom, or bedroom, you can relax, lounge around in your sweatpants, and feel comfortable being yourself knowing that your privacy is protected from the world.

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