Security Window Film for Fort Worth

Security Window Film Offers Fort Worth Homes and Businesses a High Level of Safety and Protection

Misfortune can happen to anyone. That’s why you want to know that if your home or business encounters a danger situation, you’ll have the security you need to keep your occupants and belongings safe and protected. Scottish Window Tinting offers a wide range of security window film options for Fort Worth businesses and homes. Our security films can provide a high level of defense against even the most serious of threats, including forced entry, explosives, gun fire, natural disasters and more. They’re a smart choice for schools, government buildings, office spaces, homes, and commercial buildings.

Types of Security Window Film

Theft Prevention

One of the benefits of security window film is theft prevention. Theft prevention window film holds broken glass in place and makes it difficult for an intruder to enter your building. Window film bonds to glass at the molecular level so that even after it’s been shattered, the film holds the surface together. Security film can protect your financial assets and personal belongings and is a smart investment if you live in Fort Worth.

Anti Graffiti

Replacing damaged metal or reflective surfaces in your building can be a pain. Not only does dealing with graffiti take up your precious time and energy, but it also can be expensive to repair. But with anti graffiti film, you never have to worry about your business being vandalized ever again. Anti graffiti film is a durable film that’s designed to cover up existing graffiti and looks exactly like the surface on which it’s applied. If furniture becomes damaged in the future, the film can be removed and replaced with ease.

Bomb Blast

Senseless acts of violence occur all the time for little no reason at all. That’s why it’s important to have a solid system in place that protect your building and occupants. Bomb blast protection window film can help defend your business against explosives, terrorist attacks, and high impact situations. We use security window film combined with impact protection systems to provide Fort Worth businesses with the ultimate level of protection.

When the unexpected happens, will you be ready? Contact Scottish Window Tinting today to learn more about security window film options available in Fort Worth.


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