Many homeowners in Shawnee are choosing Scottish Window Tinting to reduce the light, heat and glare coming in through their windows. No one should have to be uncomfortable in their own home. Sometimes heat penetrating through the south, east and western windows can make a normal task unbearable. Scottish Window Tint not only keeps you comfortable, it also blocks 99% of UV from coming into your home and harming your skin and destroying your beautiful furnishings.

Our dual reflective series is one of our highest quality residential films because it absorbs sunlight and reflects it away from your windows. This special film can reduce the light coming into your home up to 85%. Scottish Window Tinting will help protect your furniture, fabrics, furnishings, flooring and artwork from fading.


Are you starting to feel the heat? One of the best ways to update the energy efficiency of your windows, at less than 20% of the cost of replacing them, is to install window film to existing windows. Not only does it cost less than replacing your windows, it will improve the energy efficiency of your home, an investment that pays for itself over time! By installing Scottish Window Film to the south, east and west windows of your house, you can save up to 50% on your energy bills!

Solar heat and glare can quickly dominate even the most relaxing room in your home. Scottish Window Tint allows you enjoy your most comfortable chair without getting baked by the sun or squinting and squirming, trying to get a glare-free view of your television. Schedule a free in-home consultation, and see the difference that Scottish Window Tinting will make in your home.