Thornton Window Tinting

Window Film for Thornton, Colorado

Scottish Window Tinting is proud to offer the top brands of window tint (aka window film) to the discerning residents of Thornton and Colorado’s Front Range. In these days of escalating energy costs and increasing environmental awareness and concern, we offer a cost effective, “green” solution.
Our window tinting is different from the kind you might have in your car. For one thing, it creates a molecular bond with your windows, preventing it from scratching off, peeling away, or developing those annoying bubbles.

Car window tints can darken your windows a significant degree and you probably would not like that in your home. But our residential and commercial window tinting for Thornton residents will only darken your windows as much as you want—letting the sun shine through and brighten up your home and work spaces.

Benefits of Thornton Window Tint

Thorton Colorado Window Tinting

  • Lower heating and cooling costs up to 50 percent over a year’s time.
  • Prevent 99 percent of the sun’s damaging UV rays from entering your home. (UV rays cause fading of curtains, upholstery, artwork, not to mention skin damage and aging over time.)
  • Gives your window panes more thermal efficiency, preventing your expensive heat from escaping your home.
  • Cuts down on eye straining glare, particularly important in offices.
  • A smart investment, paying off the cost of installation with energy bill savings, frequently in as little as two to five years’ time.
  • Easily and rapidly installed—no muss, no fuss.

For the cost conscious residents of Thornton, window tint is simply a savvy investment whose time has come.

“Buy with confidence! We noticed a HUGE difference in just 2 days! Great product and great company!” — Gwen Jencks, July 11, 2013

Thornton Residential Window Tinting

Scottish Window Tinting is a local Denver company with more than twenty years in the home improvements field. Your satisfaction is our priority and we’d love to earn your business. You can be sure, when you do business with us, that you are receiving the best possible products and outstanding customer service.

Get the ball rolling on Thornton residential window tinting by calling us today for a free bid! 303-662-8214 Take a look at this FAQ, which will answer many of your questions about window tinting and its application.

Commercial Window Film Thornton

More and more office buildings, hotels, government and municipal buildings are turning to commercial window film in Thornton to offset rising energy costs. And while our various lines of window films will do that job effectively and cost efficiently (especially as compared to replacing your windows), our products assist our clients in a multitude of other areas as well.
Currently we are offering three top rated lines: EnerLogic, Vista, and Llumar.
We have commercial window film for:

  • Energy savings
  • Security
  • Privacy
  • Decorative
  • Loss prevention
  • UV blocking
  • Anti graffiti
  • And more…

Check out these case studies to see the benefits other clients have received from commercial window tinting.

Let us help you choose the best possible window film to meet all of your needs. Please contact us with any questions or to receive a free bid on tinting your building’s windows.