Golden Window Tinting

Window Film for Golden, Colorado

Scottish Window Tinting is proud to offer our window film services to the residents of Golden Colorado and all over the Front Range. We feature the top quality window tinting product lines, including EnerLogic, Llumar, and Vista.

If you’re tired of ascending energy costs, tired of needing so much heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer, the benefits of window tinting for Golden homes and commercial spaces might just surprise you.

How would you like to make your home or work space more comfortable year round, while saving up to 60% on your heating and cooling bills? Read on and find out exactly how window tinting can accomplish these claims!

Benefits of Golden Window Tint

Golden Colorado Window Film

  • Prevents up to 79% of solar heat gain through your windows, keeping your home or office so much cooler—you might not even need to turn on your air conditioners.
  • Blocks 99% of the sun’s dangerous and troublesome UV rays, essentially acting like sunscreen for your entire building. Carpeting, curtains, flooring, upholstery, and artwork will all benefit, lasting you longer without fading or needing replacement.
  • Cost effective investment, only five to ten percent of the cost of replacement windows.
  • Dramatically cuts down on glare, making your home or work space that much more comfortable, even on the sunniest days.
  • Ups the thermal efficiency of your glass, giving a single pane the insulation of a double pane, and preventing heat loss through your windows and glass doors.
  • Quick and simple to install, benefits last for years to come.

For the cost conscious and environmentally conscious residents of Golden, window tint is the home improvement investment that pays itself back in a few short years (generally two to five) and keeps on giving!

Golden Residential Window Tinting

As a local company serving the Colorado Front Range for over twenty years, we’d love to earn your business. Clients repeatedly tell us that our customer service, our installations, and of course, our products are second to none. They are astounded and delighted by the difference window tinting makes in their enjoyment of their homes. Read more.

“Saved $$$ on my energy bill & looks great! I had Scottish Window Tinting install window film on my windows in my home…and WOW…for 2 reasons! The window film looks amazing and it saved me almost 55% on my energy bill. Thank you to Mike and his team who took the time to walk me through the process and were very professional.” — Paul Xavier, Boulder, Colorado

Commercial Window Film Golden

If you’re looking for greater security, more privacy, and substantial energy savings to boot, join the many commercial building owners in Colorado who have had window film installed.
Take a look at our window film FAQ for more in depth information.

We offer a large product line for commercial window film in Golden, featuring EnerLogic, Llumar, and Vista window films. Talk to one of our expert customer service reps today to find out the perfect product for your energy conservation needs.

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