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Window Film for Erie, Colorado

Erie residents’ heartfelt environmental commitment makes this city a popular market for window film installation. Scottish Window Tinting is proud to represent Eastman, the premier window film manufacturer worldwide, bringing to Erie residents their three high tech, cutting edge window film technology brands: Vista, EnerLogic and Llumar. If you’re looking for the cutting edge in energy saving technologies and you have not yet investigated the benefits of solar control window films, we think you’ll be intrigued and impressed.

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Window Tinting Erie

Wouldn’t it be great to let that glorious Colorado sun shine through your windows all summer long—but stop its damaging UV rays and uncomfortable heat at the door? Wouldn’t it be amazing to keep heat inside your home or office all winter—without letting it dissipate right out your windows? Would you be surprised to hear there is one product that accomplishes both tasks? Window tinting, also known as window film, is that very product.

Benefits of Erie Window Tint

For residents and business owners in Erie, window tint or window film provides an economical, green, and elegant solution to the problem of escalating energy costs. It’s much more affordable than replacement windows.

  • Window film energy savings alone (up to 50% off your energy bill over the course of a year) will pay back your investment.
  • It increases the thermal efficiency of your windows, giving a single pane the thermal efficiency of a double and a double the efficiency of a triple.
  • It blocks up to 99% of the sun’s damaging UV rays—you know, the kind you use sun screen and sunglasses to protect yourself from outdoors.
  • The UV blocking effect saves your furnishings from fading, allowing them to last longer without needing replacement.

Erie Residential Window Tinting

We are a local Colorado company dedicated to offering the highest caliber customer service and the highest quality products on the market. Take a look at our products, or call us to speak with one of our expert advisor to determine which product best meets your needs.

For homes in Erie residential window tinting products darken windows only as much as you want, letting as much sunlight as you want into your home. Window film is a long lasting product that won’t bubble, scratch, or peel like the tint on your car windows. It’s a completely different product, because rather than just being applied to the windows, it is molecularly bonded right to the glass.

Be more comfortable in your own home! Our satisfied clients have been more than eager to sing the praises of their homes, after installation of window tinting. Read what they have to say here.

“We can now sit in the family room, which faces west, and have the windows completely uncovered without feeling the heat of the sun.” ~~Leslie Busby, July 15, 2012v

Commercial Window Film Erie

Are you looking for more privacy for your office, better security for your commercial building, or main street storefront, or substantial savings on energy costs that will continue over the years?

We offer a wide variety of commercial window films for all types of uses. Our product line consists of window films ranging from decorative to bomb proof! We offer the “green” film, EnerLogic. EnerLogic commercial window film is a glass insulation technology whose installation can count toward nine Leed (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification points.

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Residential Window Film

The older homes in Erie, the newer construction on the edges of the city, and the suburban neighborhoods in Lafayette, Louisville, & Longmont are all great candidate for benefiting from the energy efficiency and UV protection provided by Vista Window Film. Scottish Window Tinting recommends Vista for any residential application, without reservation. If you want to lower Fort Collins heating and cooling bills, as well as block the damaging UV rays which can degrade and fade your home’s interiors, we know you’ll be delighted with Vista Window Film.

Commercial Window Film

Commercial clients throughout Erie can benefit from wind film applications ranging from interior privacy, decorative marketing, anti graffiti and anti theft, loss prevention, UV protection, as well as energy efficiency. Window film is an outstanding investment that will pay for itself in only a few years time. It’s an appropriate and effective choice for Erie stores, office parks, commercial districts, museums, historic buildings and landmarks, and many other commercial applications.