Brighton Window Tinting

Window Film for Brighton, Colorado

Window tinting (aka window film) is a product that can give you substantial savings on your heating and cooling bills—up to a 50% savings over the course of a year. It’s a cost effective investment that will quickly pay for itself and keep saving you money every year.

Window films are easy to install and unlike the tints applied to car windows, they bond molecularly to the glass, resisting any scratching, peeling, or bubbling. Window tinting in Brighton will only darken your windows as much as you want—so the Colorado sunshine can still light up your home or work space.

Benefits of Brighton Window Tint

We’ve already talked about the 50% energy bills savings, but let’s take a closer look and explain exactly how it works.
Brighton Colorado Window Film Window Tinting

    • Window tinting increases the thermal efficiency of your windows and glass doors. It takes a single pane of glass and gives it the thermal properties of a double pane, and gives a double pane the insulating properties of a triple, etc. The results: your heat stays in the house, allowing your furnace keep you toasty with less work.
    • Window tinting blocks 79% of the sun’s heat, keeping your home/office/commercial space so much cooler in the summer. The results: you can cut down or eliminate the use of air conditioning entirely.
    • Window tinting reduces the amount of glare coming through your windows and bouncing off your TV, your computer, your phone, and other shiny surfaces. It also blocks the potentially damaging UV rays from the sun, up to 99%. The result: less eyestrain, less fading and damage to your curtains, upholstery, artwork, and flooring. Bonus: your furnishings wear out much less quickly and need to be replaced much less often.

Brighton Residential Window Tinting

Imagine your home being cooler in the summer, and staying warmer in the winter—for less money! Imagine enjoying the sunlight without the damaging rays and blistering heat. Imagine actually enhancing the beauty of the view outside your window!

All these things are the results of Brighton residential window tinting. We are a local Colorado company dedicated to the highest quality products and customer service. Call us today, our knowledgeable staff is ready to answer all your questions and provide a free bid on your project.
We’re proud to offer the ultimate in residential window film, Vista ™. Read more about this high quality product here.

And please be sure to visit our testimonials page, to see what satisfied customers are saying about our customer service and the effects of window tint on their homes.

Commercial Window Film Brighton

Window films provide substantial energy cost savings for hotels, hospitals, office buildings, factories, retail spaces, municipal buildings, and any other commercial spaces. Whether your commercial window film needs pertain to enhanced security, greater privacy, decoration, or energy efficiency—Scottish Window Tinting has the perfect product.

Installing window film in Brighton’s commercial spaces is a cost savvy investment that can pay for itself in two to five years’ time, and continue saving you money every year after that.

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