Berthoud Window Tinting

Window Film for Berthoud, Colorado

Rising energy costs are a legitimate concern for the residents and businesses in the beautiful mountain town of Berthoud, Colorado. Scottish Window Tinting is proud to present an affordable, practical and green solution: high efficiency window films/window tinting.

And they have benefits that car tints do not, because they not only cut down on glare, but the amount of heat entering through the glass in the summer and the amount of heat escaping through the glass in winter.
We offer the highest quality window films for homes and commercial applications.


Benefits of Berthoud Window Tint

  • Reduces your overall heating and cooling costs up to 50% over a year’s time.
  • Cuts down on the sun’s heat through your windows; an up to 79% reduction.
  • Let’s Colorado’s glorious sunshine in.
  • Reduces or eliminates your air conditioning costs.
  • Blocks damaging UV radiation, (99.9%) protecting your furnishings from fading and needing to be repainted, reupholstered, or replaced.
  • Forms a thermal barrier in winter, keeping the heat in.
  • Berthoud window tinting changes the thermal efficiency of a single pane of glass into a double, a double to a triple, etc.
  • Makes your home, office, store front or commercial building more comfortable all year.
  • Different kinds of window films available, for enhanced security, anti-graffiti, privacy, etc.
  • Doesn’t bubble, scratch, or peel, because all our Berthoud window films are molecularly bonded to the window.
  • Reduces the glare reflecting off your TVs, computers, and other screens.
  • Easily and quickly installed.

Let our expert staff help you choose the perfect product for your needs! Featuring Vista Window Film, Enerlogic Window Film, and Llumar Window Film.

Berthoud Residential Window Tinting

bethoudWe are a local Colorado company, with over twenty years in the home improvements industry—so why not let us improve your home! We offer the highest quality line of cutting-edge products for Berthoud residential window tinting and window films. As for our customer service, we let our client testimonials tell the tale.

“I was amazed at how fast we received the quote, how fast they were able to come and install the tint and how fast they installed the tint. Everyone that I dealt with was very professional and pleasant. I would definitely recommend this company.” ~~Audrey, June 13, 2013

Products for Berthoud residential window tinting include: UV blocking window film, energy saving window film, privacy film, and more. Contact us today for more information as to which product is best for your needs.

Commercial Window Film Berthoud

Depending on your type of business, you might need frosted or decorative window films that create privacy for a street level office, security against break-ins, or energy savings. Whatever you need, we have the perfect product.

We offer EnerLogic for Berthoud commercial window films, which can be installed at a much lower cost than new windows. The energy savings you’ll receive will allow this investment to pay for itself quickly, and the savings will continue year after year.

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