3M™ Automotive Window Film Crystalline Series

3M™ Automotive Window Film Crystalline Series

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A clear innovation in automotive window films technology. The Crystalline Series reflects more heat than many dark films but does not change the appearance of your car or truck- making it an exceptional choice for comfort and style.

-Rejects up to 60% of solar energy and up to 97% of heat-producing infrared rays for impeccable comfort.
-Engineered to let visible light into your vehicle but keep heat out, so you can enjoy a comfortable temperature without sacrificing the clarity and safety of clear windows.
-Non-metallized window film means no interference on mobile devices, GPS or satellite radio reception.
-Protects you and your passengers by blocking up to 99% of ultraviolet (UV) light.

*The Crystalline Series is available in a variety of tint levels; we will be happy to assist you in your choice of protection.