Types of Anti-Graffiti Window Film for Your Phoenix Business

Types of Anti-Graffiti Window Film for Your Phoenix Business

Vandalism often occurs in busy urban environments and the city of Phoenix is no exception. Just this week, a historic landmark at the base of South Mountain was brutally vandalized, resulting in more than $100,000 in damage. Acts like these place a heavy burden on property owners, who are completely innocent and in no way whatsoever at fault. Unfortunately, vandals are hard to catch. But you can still protect your property from vandalism. With anti-graffiti window film, Phoenix building owners can keep their property graffiti-free.


Intro to Anti-Graffiti Film

Anti-graffiti films are a type of protective mechanism used to deflect vandalism attempts. The thick film comes in a variety of finishes, allowing it to blend in perfectly with its surroundings. Once it’s in place, it helps protect vulnerable surfaces like mirrors and metal panels from vicious acts of vandalism, saving property owners hundreds of dollars in repairs.

On top of its protective qualities, anti-graffiti films have another benefit – they’re perfect for making quick repairs. If you have a vandalized surface, you can install the film on top to cover up the damage. Because of its camouflaging appearance, you can’t even tell it’s there!


Types of Anti-Graffiti Film for Your Business

If you’re a commercial property owner, graffiti prevention films are definitely an option you should consider. Here are some of the different types of anti-graffiti film you can install for your Phoenix business:

  • Mirror Shield – Mirror Shield is an amazing product created by Graffiti Shield. It helps protect mirrors and cover up damage.
  • Metal Shield – Metal Shield is another option that works in a similar manner, except it’s used for metallic surfaces. This product works great for bathroom stalls, elevators, metal signs, and bus stops.
  • Glass Shield – If you have a glass storefront, Glass Shield could be the solution you need. Glass Shield prevents costly window damage and preserves the beautiful appearance of your storefront.


Protect Your Property from Vandalism in Phoenix

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